Brandbook is an Oslo based design consultancy established in 2004. We are small, and after many years of working for both big and not so big design studios, we believe in keeping things simple. That means that we focus on being effective and consistent in our work, and always

aim for simplicity in our solutions.


We love design and believe that it makes a big difference, but before we start our creative work

we pay close attention to the requirements and desires of our clients. And to make sure that

we meet their needs and ambitions, we always work closely with clients throughout the design process. If a project demands skills beyond our expertise, we have a solid network of creative

and competent people to help us out.


Our projects range from concept development, visual identities, web design, print- and editorial design and packaging. Our clients include everything from large banks and companies to small business and organizations in the fields of art, culture and commerce.